How KMCA can help trucking community?

Since it was chartered by the State of Kansas as a non-profit corporation in 1936, Kansas Motor Carriers Association, or KMCA, has consistently provided the progressive, organized leadership that has helped the transportation industry improve its services to the public and to achieve its present stature. Their team is dedicated to providing a full-scope of compliance, regulatory, and safety services for the Trucking Industry.

KMCA also sponsors the Kansas Road Team, a council of professional truck drivers that help promote highway safety as well as a number of issues the Trucking community faces. With their diverse selection of services available to you, KMCA is a great partner to have for anyone in the Transportation industry.

Proven Experience in the Industry

KMCA has decades of experience working within the Kansas Department of Transportation. Due to the extensive capabilities, the KMCA team helps keep you on the road by becoming an extension of your company's staff.

Strategic Relationships

Well established professional relationships with the Kansas DOT enables KMCA to deliver fantastic results. We are proud to have these long-standing connections with these vital industry regulators. As an association-based independent service provider; our primary concern is your success.

Commitment to Service

The KMCA staff as well as their Kansas Road Team are dedicated and committed to providing their customers with top-quality customer service. KMCA provides an extensive approach to a trucking company’s specific needs due to our experience in all possible areas. We strive to attend and respond to your own unique needs, and ultimately provide a service, that is unrivaled in the industry.